I am The Cheese ( Fore The Cheese Stands Alone ) (strike2002) wrote in coldsteelcult,
I am The Cheese ( Fore The Cheese Stands Alone )


I sought after a sword community, and I found a sword community.

and an impressive one at that. So perhaps some info is needed... Names Ryan and I have started collecting swords, mostly of the Katana classification, but I do have a broad sword as my center piece. With a modest grouping of about 6 swords and a variety of knives I would hope to be on my way to a somewhat impressive collection.

Having found local sword people in my local community and at school, we blade from time to time as a form of disipline ( non-sharp edges for the health concious ones out there ) with each of us having some martial arts background for extra added disipline.

but here is what I seek from you fine people. I want to meet new bladers and new collectors ( if you are in the Minnesota/ Wisconsin area, that is even better ). And if any of you know how to make icons, that would be even better. I am looking for a icon with a Katana that says " I live by my blade, and I shall die by my blade. "

but now with the hard part aside, I would hope to be welcomed into your community.
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Welcome! This isn't a terribly active community, but it's good for fencers to have a community of our own, even if we are tactiturn as a group.

Hmmm, there's a couple of articles I ought to throw this way, now that you've reminded me...

Anyway, hope you enjoy the place. I certainly do.
fantastic and thank you for the welcome.

As far as I am concerned, any activity is some activity. I just see this as a challenge to breathe some life into something that could have trmendous potential.
Welcome to the community. I live in the LA area, so I'm not exactly local to you (California to Minnesota is a bit of a drive), but I'm pretty OK at making icons. Do you have a particular picture you'd like?

I'm not exactly a collector myself... yet. More like an aspiring collector. So far I have one functional sword (a Scottish claymore), one non-functional wall hanger (a katana), and two daggers (just got 'em for x-mas). I also don't have any formal sword training, but I've trained in martial arts for several years. I'm interested in both european medieval and renaissance swords and japanese swords.

Anyway, nice to meet you.
I appreciate the greeting. As far as the icon goes, I am entirely open to anyones artistic license
Becareful though, there's alot of uptight prudes in here.
Welcome. I'm glad you like the community. You're lucky to have enthusiasts around you...I wish I could find some locals. If no one else makes one, I can make a modest icon on animation studio but it won't be anything fancy. I've never been any good at that sort of thing.
Well, lets just say that considering I can do absolutley nothing in the icon department.... you woud be a master among novices in my eyes.