I am The Cheese ( Fore The Cheese Stands Alone ) (strike2002) wrote in coldsteelcult,
I am The Cheese ( Fore The Cheese Stands Alone )


I sought after a sword community, and I found a sword community.

and an impressive one at that. So perhaps some info is needed... Names Ryan and I have started collecting swords, mostly of the Katana classification, but I do have a broad sword as my center piece. With a modest grouping of about 6 swords and a variety of knives I would hope to be on my way to a somewhat impressive collection.

Having found local sword people in my local community and at school, we blade from time to time as a form of disipline ( non-sharp edges for the health concious ones out there ) with each of us having some martial arts background for extra added disipline.

but here is what I seek from you fine people. I want to meet new bladers and new collectors ( if you are in the Minnesota/ Wisconsin area, that is even better ). And if any of you know how to make icons, that would be even better. I am looking for a icon with a Katana that says " I live by my blade, and I shall die by my blade. "

but now with the hard part aside, I would hope to be welcomed into your community.
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