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Blakie Blake



New to this Community. Just like to say what i have done and what i use.

I have been doing Re-Enactment for over 5 years now, mainly with Western styles of fighting.
Mainly form Dark ages to late Crusades, so most of the Manuals do not really apply to that time, however, because i dont fight with that style only use the weaponry from there, i do use whatever works, so i pick and choose from manual to manual with what works.
We are metal Weapons group.

I currently use:

Single Weapon - (Longsword, Shortsword, Single Axe, Dagger)
Two Weapons - (Dfferent combinations of axe, Short and long sword and dagger)
Spear - (ranging from 5foot to 12foot)
Sword and Shield - (Ranging from small round shield to Heater and Kite, with short, long sword and dagger, as well as axe)
Polearm - (From general Early on farming implements, to the later Bills and Halberds)
Quartre Staff
Longbow - Currently 45lbs but will be getting a 90lb bow shortly.
Philipino stick fighting (Using 1 or 2 sticks)

I don't do martial arts, have never done a martial art. Might do one in future, but not at the moment.

I am not associated with the SCA at all, nor with any training school.

I live in Australia.

Thats about it. Im open to questions and all. :)
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hello sir....

Looks like you have a lot of fun, and I also use periods of a similar era.

I was just wondering what part of Australia you are in.... I was born in Newcastle in NSW, but I am now living in New Zealand.
Northern Beaches, North Narrabeen, NSW.