Dan (agnorblan) wrote in coldsteelcult,

new dude here

yo guys i just joined and i have replied to one of the older questions so it may be best to ignore that even though there is some good info there. anyway i have had an obssesion with swords and other weaponry for a long time ad now i have a small collection of seven swords and its growing fast. i hope we can get some kick ass conversations going over our sharp friends soon. o yeah i am a gup 7 in kumdo and also i have a natural proficancy with most swords and other weapons so we should all compare fighting styles or something soon. with that i leave you all with this remark-

Normality is just a standard that can never be reached therefor nobody is normal.
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Fighting styles eh. I generally use a combination of westurn martial arts. I like Talhoffer's style greatly. However, I tend to just use those styles as a jumping off point since I really like the idea of found weapons. Even since one of my sword instructors told me he couldn't teach a class on found weapons because it's not like anyone has writen out a book on definsive tecniques with a telephone I've seet out do do just that. I'm curently working on instructions for fighting with items found in an office or on a bussness person. I call it DECA fu.
Hey its cool that someone else realizes the potental of random objects becoming weapons. We have made a rule with my friends that found weapons are allowed since the intensity of combat increases when someone gets ahold of something that makes a great weapon. so good luck on this DECA fu thing but i have one question for you, what is Talhoffer's style and you should know that i know very little in the grand scheme of things. So yeah its cool though that you responded so thanks again.
Oh, sorry 'bout that. Hans Talhoffer was a Germanic swordsmaster at the end of the 15th or 16th centery, can't remember. Oh well, his fighting style work under the basic idea of kill your opponet fast and by any means necissary. His Fechtbuch, fight book, is really more like a feald manual of diffrent tecniques rather than a training manual so translating it out into how to perform the strokes and stuff is kind of hard for people who don't know a lot on the tecnical part of swordplay or people who aren't very familure with western sword stlyes. He also has instructions of unarmed, knife, pole-ax, shield, and a lot of other fun little goodies as well. You could look him up online, his is one of the only reamaining fight books of the time that I have ever found readily avaliable, and there is a decent amount of information on him and his style.

Oh oh, and as far as found weapons go, I play a cheff in a ren fair and am one of the swashbucklers, the group that dose all the fighting and is incharge of generally anything haveing to do with shiny pointy things, and so I perform a lot of fights with cookwear. All our fights are coriographed so we don't kill eachother, but it's still fun to take on a hand and a half broadsword with a five foot stainless steal industrial whisk. I also have a spactula which I mamaged to chip through a wooden shild with one year, I practiced the fight with it so much the edges got sharp. Yeah yeah, found weapons are totaly fun, and it's great when you use them on people who are use to fighting only blades because they have no idea whet the hell your thinking. Plus, sometimes the shape of the object gives a goot hooking or traping advantage.

Herm... That's a little more rambling than I was planing on. Oh well, get me on a subject I enjoy.