Darkloid_Blues (maverickz3r0) wrote in coldsteelcult,


Um, hi, I'm new here. I was recently browsing some sword/dagger sites and completely failing to find my favorite kind of dagger, so...yeah. I'm not sure where that sentence was supposed to go. My favorite dagger is the sai (Japanese three-point dagger), but I also like generally any medieval weapons (especially Japnese ones. Shurikens, but also crossbows rank high.) I own a couple of (currently unsharpened until I get a license to have them sharpened) daggers and actually a longbow too (but without arrows).
I'm willing to talk about pretty much any kind of bladed weapons. Or, heck, anything without an actual trigger.
(Also, I know a great Sword site that actually has sais on it, and is the only on I've found that has. I'll look up the address again and post it when I get the chance.)
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